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Could your wig company benefit from consulting?

Our wig business Consulting Services focus on addressing your most critical issues and opportunities in strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, and transformation. We leverage our extensive expertise in wig manufacturing and our two decades of experience in the field to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for your business.


We have successfully helped and coached new entrepreneurs in opening successful wig businesses, as well as provided support to struggling companies to help them get back on their feet. Our expertise and guidance have proven valuable in both scenarios, allowing businesses to thrive and overcome challenges in the competitive wig industry.


Business Coaching

Our business coaching services are in place to help you reach and maintain your goals. 

After an initial FREE assessment session to evaluate your unique situation, we develop together a plan of action to get you to the next level. 

We put at your disposal our life and entrepreneurial experience of building a sustaining business model while balancing daily challenges.

From raising a family while building a business, to working from home while dealing with difficult family members, to stress management during turbulent times, our positive and spiritual outlook on life is just what you need during these turbulent times.

Spiritual & Positive Mindset Coaching

" The city of Happiness is in the State of mind"

“Always wear a smile. 

The gift of life will then be yours to give.”

Despite facing numerous challenges, struggles, and disappointments throughout her life, Daniele Sullivan has managed to find happiness and reasons to smile. She has overcome the loss of her father to cancer, navigated the journey of giving birth and raising 11 children, dealt with a mentally ill family member, and tragically lost her oldest child. Despite these difficult circumstances, Daniele has shown resilience and strength in finding joy and moments of happiness amidst the hardships.


Her ability to persevere and maintain a positive outlook is truly inspiring.


What has played a significant role in Daniele's ability to not only stay strong but also grow stronger and maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges is her faith and the valuable lessons she has learned from the timeless wisdom of the Torah and Kabbalah. Over the past 30 years, Danielle has been fortunate to have been guided and mentored by numerous Jewish rabbis and mentors who have imparted their knowledge and wisdom to her. Through her deep connection to her faith and the teachings she has received, Daniele has found solace, strength, and inspiration to navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger on the other side.


Her faith has been a constant source of support and guidance, enabling her to find meaning and purpose in the midst of adversity.

More on Daniele HERE

Consulting and coaching sessions are available with flexible payment options, including hourly or weekly based fees. 

For scheduling your FREE ASSESSMENT, please contact us.

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