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Private wig repair course for wig companies' workers

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With the increasing popularity of lace wigs and their emergence in the Jewish market in recent years, the wig repair and wig customization techniques have changed and present challenges for untrained workers.

Moreover, the language barrier poses an additional difficulty, causing many wig companies to struggle facing the lack of training among their workers while dealing with frustrated customers at the same time.

Don't wait any longer to finally provide your workers with the professional training they need and deserve!


Master wig designer Daniele Sullivan has successfully restored the peace of mind of wig companies's owners and the satisfaction of their clients by patiently and diligently training their Spanish-speaking workers in their native language. Through this professional training, they finally acquire the most advanced techniques for lace repair and customization, which they desperately need.

Getting professional training for your workers is the wisest investment for your company!

wig repair class

Private classes are available at your preferred  location, ensuring complete confidentiality.

CALL NOW: 443-447 1880

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