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Our natural looking, feather light lace wig is so light you barely feel it, and no one would ever know that your beautifully crafted hairpiece is not your own hair.

Designed and created specially for you

Master wig designer/Instructor Daniele Sullivan has been crafting custom made wig systems for the last 21 years, 

giving back self-esteem and confidence to women across the globe.


Daniele Sullivan curly hair wigs

1- Our worldwide connections with the best hair suppliers will be used to obtain the exact hair color, texture and length you desire for your custom made wig system.

Daniele Sullivan straight hair wig

2- All our crafted wig systems feature state of the art most advanced techniques to achieve natural look, making them undetectable even to the close eye.

Daniele Sullivan blonde hair wigs

3- Your comfort is our priority! Our wig systems are breathable and lightweight. In addition, we specialize in sensitive scalps and have developed alternative methods to attach your custom wig system without any pulling or discomfort, allowing you to wear it long hours without any discomfort at all.

Daniele Sullivan Lace wigs

4- Your custom made wig system will be fully created and customized by an expert wig designer and instructor who truly understands your specific wishes and desires, not be made industrially by factory workers!

All facet of the creation are fully customized, including color and texture.

Daniele Sullivan Lace wigs

5- From the original ponytails to the various imported foundations and laces used for the creation of your custom made wig system, at Daniele Sullivan hair, we don't cut any corner! We constantly put all our knowledge and expertise to provide the most durable high quality custom made wig system that will satisfy you year after year.

Daniele Sullivan wig shop
Daniele Sullivan wigs styles

Our custom made lace wig systems and partial hair pieces are individually created and come with a  guarantee. 

 Contact us for more specific information.

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