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wig repair course

Wig Repair Course Program

* Hair introduction: what is the difference between cuticle and processed hair. What hair to use for wig repairs and where to buy it from.

* Learn the different techniques used for wig making

* Learn how to detect a defective wig

* Cap Adjustment: taking in a cap, adjusting the ear tabs position , removing the ear tabs.

* Building a cap extension for a customer with a widow's peak or a low hairline.

* Wefts: Recognizing defective wefts, removing wefts, adding wefts, thinning out wefts.

* Ventilating: Single and double knots, ventilating   hair on lace top or lace front.

* Baby hair on a skin top wig

* Lace wigs: fixing a torn lace, replacing a lace front, tightening and repairing a torn lace, replacing the lining, sewing a new lining.

* Hairline: tracing a custom hairline and ventilating a flawless hairline into the lace.

* Lace lining: replacing the lining, sewing a new lining.

* Transformations: transforming a skin top wig into a lace top wig.

 *Transforming a skin top wig to a hat fall and vice versa,

* How to detangle a defective wig: secret detangling formula

* How to rejuvenate a wig with a transformative Keratin treatment

* Receive your CERTIFICATION

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