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Daniele Sullivan, Master wig designer


Wig repair is a field very much in demand.

High-end wigs are expensive and understandably, customers would much rather upgrade/repair their current wig than purchase a new one.

We share with you the most advanced techniques that will give you the best results so that you can operate your business with confidence. 

You will learn secret techniques that will help transform a standard wig to make it look almost like a custom one!


Take advantage of our unique program with certification and start a highly lucrative business.

Our HANDS-ON WIG REPAIR COURSE is offered in small groups according to the demand in Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood and in private classes in other areas. It is a 15 hour program and the price is $1,900, including learning supplies. Each student is expected to bring old wigs to practice on.


                                                                   FALL 2023 SCHEDULE

Monday to Wednesday, NOV 6-8

Monday to Wednesday, NOV 13-15


Monday to Wednesday, NOV 20-22

wig repair class
wig repair class
wig repair class
wig repair class
wig repair class
wig repair class

You will receive

All the following class materials, included in your course fee,

 as well as 6 months of support after taking your class!

A drawing card set
A set of ventilating needles

4 custom hair samples

Special access to our professional videos

1/4 yard of invisible lace

A professional magnifying lamp

several prints of the techniques

4 custom hair samples

Our suggested PRICE LIST for all wig repairs

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