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Signing up for our
wig repair course offers many benefits...

1. Skill Development: The course provides comprehensive training on wig maintenance, repair, and upgrade techniques. By learning these skills, participants can enhance their expertise in the field of hair care and expand their career options.


2. Career Opportunities: With more and more lace wigs on the market, the demand for wig repair professionals is constantly growing. By completing the course, individuals can unlock new career opportunities in wig salons, theatrical productions, film and television, beauty spas, and more.


3. Versatility: Wig repair skills are valuable in various industries, including entertainment, fashion, and cosmetology. Participants can apply their knowledge to work with different types of human hair wigs, lace front, and custom-made wigs.


4. Entrepreneurship: Our Wig Repair Course equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to start their own wig repair business.

Additional insights into business management, marketing, and customer service, is available to those who take the course, at extra cost, empowering you to become even more successful in the beauty industry. 


5. Personal Fulfillment: Repairing and styling wigs can be a creative and satisfying endeavor. The course allows participants to express their artistic abilities, boost their confidence, and provide a valuable service to individuals who rely on wigs for religious, medical, fashion, or personal reasons.


6. Industry Expertise: The Wig Repair Course is taught by Master wig designer Daniele Sullivan, an experienced professional who have extensive knowledge of wig maintenance and repair. Participants will benefit from her expertise and gain valuable insights into industry trends, best practices, and innovative techniques.


Overall, signing up for the Wig Repair Course offers a unique opportunity to develop valuable skills, explore new career paths, and make a positive impact in the world of wig repair, while earning a wonderful income working from the comfort of your home!

HURRY to sign up,

space is very limited!

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